HostGator Addon Domains | How to Set Them Up in cPanel

HostGator addon domains and how to set them up.

So you've got a website hosted with HostGator and you've decided to start a new website (with a new domain) on your current hosting plan. What's Next?

This tutorial will show you how to use the addon domain feature in Cpanel and your HostGator domain manager to set up your new .com!


Step 1 –  Login to your HostGator Control Panel.

Look at the bottom left to find your Name Servers. These will be different depending on your plan, so be sure to double check them before changing them in the next few steps.



Step 2 – Select Domain Management.


Once you're in Domain Management, select Manage Domains.




Step 3 – Change DNS


Select your domain name and once the settings dialog appears, select "Name Servers" and change Name Server 1 and 2 to your nameservers. If you cannot find your nameservers, see step one in this tutorial which will show you were you can find them in your Control Panel. Once you've confirmed your settings click "Save Name Servers".



Step 4 – Addon Domain

Select "Home" at the top left to go back to your Control Panel. Once you're there, select Addon Domains under the Domain section.



Step 5 – Enter your new domain

Enter your domain into the "New Domain Name" field. Once you've entered your domain name the rest of the fields (except the password) should generate automatically.





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